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Marble Surface



Works Written (and arr.) for PEP:

Michael Park - Moonless Night (2012)

John Oliver - Infinity Gaze (Looking Outward Together/ Forgetting Time/ In a Mirror / Here, Now) (2012)

Scott Godin - a long the riverrun (2013)

Hope Lee - Imaginary Garden 1. snow in summer (2013)

Mark Armanini - Goldfish (2013)

Remy Siu - mainland sonata (2013)

Jared Miller - Captive (2013)

Emily Doolittle - Suppose I were a Marigold (2013)

Jim Harley - Blue (2013)

Laurie Radford - All Over the Map (2013)

Daniel Marshall - such that I left a dream (2013)

Alice Ho - Four Seasons Ballade (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) (2013)

Chan Ka Nin - Double Happiness Duo (2013)

Elizabeth Raum - A Garden of Transplants (2013)

Laura Pettigrew - Mai Li De Hua (2013)


Aaron Gervais - Who Made the Inch of Grass (2014)

Roydon Tse - Blues n' Grooves (2014)

Douglas Finch - Chorale- Threnody on J. S. Bach's Fugue WTC I, No. 8 (2014)

Keith Hamel - Homage to Liu Wenjin (2014)

Jocelyn Morlock - Verdigris (2014)

Dorothy Chang - Four Short Poems (flight of fancy/green sheep tango/air/walls of joy) (2014)

Edward Top - Lamentation (2014)

Si Ang Chen - Twilight (2014)

Martin Ritter - Thunderhorse (2014)

Alyssa Aska - Play (2014)

Matthew Tran-Adams - to-BEI-ron-JING-to (2014)

Angelique Po - Poem (2014)


Brian Cherney - Two Remembrances (2015)

John Oliver - World Enigma 1 (2015)

Stephen Chatman - Remember Me, Forever (2015)

Bob Pritchard - homesick (2015)

Qinglin Bruce Bai - Everyone Has a Fantasy (2015)

Alexis Reynault - Erhuville (2015)

Square Stage


PEP (Piano and Erhu Project)


Nicole Ge Li, erhu

Corey Hamm, piano


Erhu and piano virtuosos Nicole Ge Li and Corey Hamm began PEP to explore the fascinating blend of these two iconic Eastern and Western instruments. The blend is not only a tonal and musical one, but also cultural. PEP is delighted to see composers deal with these elements in such different ways.


PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) has commissioned over seventy composers to write works since it began just three years ago. These include such composers as James Harley, Brian Cherney, Hope Lee, David Eagle, DouglasFinch, Daniel Marshall, Elizabeth Raum, Dai Fujikura, Alexis Renault, Michael Park, John Oliver, Scott Godin, Stephen Chatman, Keith Hamel, Bob Pritchard, Jordan Nobles, Gao Ping, Jocelyn Morlock, Gabriel Dharmoo, Paul Steenhuisen, Marc Mellits, Remy Siu, Dorothy Chang, Edward Top, Chris Gainey, Dubravko Pajalic, Jared Miller, Martin Ritter, Alyssa Aska, Alfredo, Santa Ana, Francois Houle, Owen Underhill, Vivian Fung, Hope Lee, Jian Qiang Xu, Yuan Qing Li, Joshua Chan, Si Ang Chen, Laura Pettigrew, Laurie Radford, Chan Kan Nin, Alice Ho, Emily Doolittle (and dozens more). !

PEP CDs Volumes 1 and 2 have been released on Red Shift Records to critical acclaim. Volumes 3 & 4, are scheduled to be released in 2020-2021 !


PEP has toured China, Canada, and the US since 2013, and has been featured at the Modulus Festival, Sonic Boom Festival, Sound of Dragon Festival, Odyssey Chamber Music Series, and Music on Main Series. 



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